Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There seems to be a deliberate attempt by the Catholic Church in the Philippines to ignore year after year the important role played by the Philippine Independent Church of the late great General Gregorio Aglipay, who helped spark the revolt agaist "Madre Espana." The Independent Church, more popularly known as the Aglipay Church, was referred to in historical reports, including those in foreign documents as "the church of the Philippine revolution," and praised for playing a major role in the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards, which had been described as "the first revolt against colonialism in Asia," and was a model for other revolutions in other Asian countries.

Some blamed the "distortion" of Philippine history on the "continuing meddling" by the Catholic Church in government affairs in the Philippines and on a systematic campaign to hide the truth about the revolution against Spanish Rule and the friars, especially in history books taught in Philippine schools, particularly those colleges run by the church.

Some historians have reportedly brought up this perversion of the role of the Aglipay church in the revolution, to make the necessary corrections to the continuing mammoth historical injustice.

Many leaders of the revolution were given protection and sanctuary in Aglipayan churches and safehouses, which contributed greatly to the success of the uprising against the colonialists. To ignore such a role, and even to ridicule them, as sought by those out to blot their heroic efforts is an unforgivable crime against our heroes who shed their blood and laid down their lives for our beloved country.

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