Thursday, August 13, 2009


High-profile public officials will surely make a big fuss about it if and when a crackdown (again?) on bodyguards and private armies are implemented. It is common knowledge that many national and local executives, acting like miniature monarchs, employ the services of armed-goons who terrorize the citizenry. Even the wives and children of these public servants are escorted by armed-goons.

We do not quite understand the penchant of these government executives to have armed hoodlums following them every minute of the day. If they are really loved by the people as they claim to be so, what then is the need for bodyguards? Most of the time these security people are instruments of oppression and abuse.

Sad to say, some of these armed men will kill on orders of their masters, and many crimes, especially in far away localities, are committed by these bodyguards who remain unpunished. These security people are the curse of businessmen who cannot refuse their demands. Ask owners of bars and restaurants who have lost large sums of money simply because these men do not pay their bills. Ask waitresses who had to submit to the advances of these people, and they will tell you that indeed, many of these security people abuse their authority. The Palace should strictly enforce the rule that no local executive may employ no more than two bodyguards, who must have PNP and NBI clearances.

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