Friday, August 14, 2009


Malacanang will surely say that the reason why most if not all cabinet members hold multiple positions is that they are mandated by law to do so - ex officio, by virtue of being department heads. So, simply put, the Palace cannot really do anything about it even if there is a silent public outcry over such multiple positions together with its corresponding fabulous allowances and other seemingly endless privileges.

Granted. But President Arroyo can easily settle this if and when the matter blows off its lid by telling her department secretaries and other executive officials that they may hold on to their multiple positions, as long as they refrain from collecting the allowances and the per diems, and give up the privileges like service vehicles, free food and drinks and accomodations in the various classy establishments such as hotels and restaurants, not to mention additional jobs for their relatives and friends.

Only then can we really find out if they really desire to serve the public without such privileges, pomp and perks. Let's start with those fat cats in government banks and institutions, and remind them that a public office is a public trust and never a private ATM.

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