Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Everywhere one goes, one witnesses some form of harassment inflicted on someone. And the most frequent yet subtle of all is sexual harassment. Some years back, then President Ramos signed into law the much-feared anti-sexual harassment bill which came as a relief to those subjected daily to sexual harassment from sex-starved perverts.

I list the following as some of the more obvious harassors and their harassees:

- professor and student
- government official and employee
- movie producer/director and starlet
- airline pilot and stewardess
- bank official and bank teller
- store owner and saleslady
- policeman and waitress
- society matron and dance instructor
- editor and reporter
- radio/television executive and talent applicant
- medical director/doctor and nurse
- military officer and WAC
- hotel executive and front desk staffer
- tricycle driver and passenger
- taxi driver and passenger
- swimming instructor and pupil
- mayor's inspection team member and night club entertainer
- policeman and GRO
- husband and estranged wife
- pastor/priest and church member/goer

Remember, we do have a law, and victims can punish these people. To begin with, your local Barangay can assist you when filing a complaint against an offender, but be careful as there are also cases between Barangay officials and complainants.

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