Friday, July 03, 2009


The Philippine Air Force (PAF) should bill some senators and congressmen, some members of the judiciary and the cabinet for the use of its planes and choppers. These honorable folks are notorious for using PAF aircraft for their out of town "inspection trips," most of which are really just visits to their home provinces in order to stand as wedding and baptismal sponsors, including town fiestas. Can you imagine the amount of fuel that is consumed and wasted by these opportunists?

Top military officers who have such callous clout are also guilty of using PAF aircraft to visit their haciendas, ranches and fishponds in their respective provinces, and sometimes also to bring their girl friends to beach and mountain resorts.

Billing officials of the military, judiciary, legislative and executive brances for the use of PAF planes and choppers is only but the proper thing to do, especially if such an important military component such as the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is low on budget much-needed for modernization. As such, many legislators are notorious for abusing military aircraft and other government vehicles for so long that it has been an "acceptable bad habit" of those in high places.

It is common knowledge that the biggest offenders to this are re-electionist senators and congresmen who have no compunction about abusing government resources for their selfish political plans. Hence, these officials must pay up, or brace themselves for yet another scandal in the offing involving the wanton use and waste of unauthorized resources they claim with such a lie as a privilege. But, the people will always have these shameless actions in mind when they vote for their "public servants" next year.

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