Thursday, April 09, 2009


I almost lost a dear dear friend of mine last night. No, I'm not talking about a person as in a family member. I am pertaining to my dog, my one and only faithful companion of many years. Death almost snatched him from my very protective arms. The painful agony of the "process of losing" someone so precious can seem endless and strong, as I experienced it last night. But my God is stronger, and indeed has also shown me His omnipotence. But He was also oh so gentle. And in those thirty-five minutes of uncertainty and fear, when the stench of death was hounding Oscar my Whippet, I immediately fell on my knees in tears and asked God to cover him and me with His love, and if it was time for the dog to go, for God to take him quickly and peacefully. But God had other plans, and He answers with such impeccable precision. After a few minutes, my dog's convulsions and screams of pain as if wrestling with death came to a full stop. Silence and peace immediately filled my house. And the love of my Jesus just embraced us both. I know, because I felt it so real and so strong. I realized that nothing (as in a dog's life) can be too small for a big God. He answered my cries (and my dog's cries) for help last night, and once again has proven to be a faithful, loving answering God. While reading Psalm 91 to Oscar as he was convulsing, I knew he didn't understand the words that came out of my mouth. But one thing I knew was this: The Spirit of God "interpreted" those words in a strange language only my dog could understand, because he obeyed in peace and in calmness, much like the storm obeying the spoken word of Jesus to "be still." Psalm 91:3-6;10-12;14-16 says: "He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases. He will cover you with His wings, and you will be safe in His care. His faithfulness will protect and save you. You need not fear any dangers at night, or sudden attacks during the day, or the plagues that strike in the dark, or the evils that kill in daylight. And so, no disaster will strike you, no violence will come near your home. God will put His angels in charge of you, to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands to keep you hurting your feet on the stones. God says, "I will save those who love me, and protect those who acknowledge Me as their Lord. WHEN THEY CALL TO ME, I WILL ANSWER THEM. When they are in trouble, I will be with them. I will rescue them and honor them. I will reward them with long life. I will save them."

You see, when I was crying out to God last night, He heard me and answered me. He saved my dog. Nothing is too small for Him. He knew my dog was just too big a concern for me. And He took the situation in His strong loving hands. I praise God for this. It was really a miracle worth sharing.

God makes you "see troubles" sometimes, and as part of your education to be carried out, you must "go down to the depths of the Earth" (Psalm 63:9), travel sub-terranean passages, and lie buried among the dead. But not for even one moment is the bond of fellowship and oneness between God and you strained to the point of breaking! And ultimately, from the same depths, He "will restore your life again."

Never doubt God! Never say that He has forsaken or forgotten you or think that He is unsympathetic to the things you care about, no matter how small. Last night's experience for me was so real and so frightening, that even I almost "lost it." "He will restore your life (my dog's life) again!" No matter how many twists and turns the road may have, there will always be one smooth and straight path. For even the longest day will have its sunset, and the cold winter snow may stay for quite some time, but it will eventually melt, as our troubles will thaw in His loving care.

"Though the rain may fall and the wind be blowing,
And chilled and cold is the wintry blast;
Though the cloudy sky is still cloudier growing,
And the dead leaves tell that summer has passed.

My face is fixed on the stormy heaven,
My heart is as calm as the summer sea,
Glad to receive what my God has given,
Whatever it be.

When I feel the cold, I can say "He sends it,"
And His winds blow blessings, I surely know;
For I've never a need but that He will meet it,
And my heart beats warm though the winds may blow."
Take good care of your animals, because they too are precious to God.
"Good people take care of their animals, but wicked people are cruel to theirs." - Proverbs 12:10

Thank you Pastor Paul.

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Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

bro... a dog is never JUST a dog. As a married couple who waited 8 years for our first child, our dogs (all ten or something of them over time) were our children then, as much as they are now.
may your friend live a long and full life ahead, sir...