Friday, April 03, 2009


Not so fast Chippy Chip! I smell a dead rat on board your rickshaw of an apology. Okay, so you did apologize to the Filipino nation. But why did you do so in Spanish? Why couldn't you just stick to English? What were you thinking in your so-called mind? We are an English-speaking nation, and the Spanish language as it has been known and spoken in the Philippines once a upon a time is a language of old. I think by doing so, you just added salt to a gaping fresh wound, perhaps insinuating a bit of our history that as we were under the Spanish conquistadores, and madre Espana being our "master," making us "a nation of servants?" Either you are totally ignorant of our nation's history, or you simply wanted to insult us further by NOT apologizing in English. You said, "A todos los hermanos y todas las hermanas Filipinos: Lo siento mucho. Vamos a vivir en paz." (Translation: To all Filipino brothers and sisters, I am very sorry. We should live in peace.) I wonder how many Filipinos understand that before translation. I'd say, "El burro sabe mas que tu!"

I would like to think that you are an intelligent individual and that you are perhaps educated in the UK just like many of your fellow-yellows. But no, you had to stay put in your comfort zone, just below the moral poverty level where you are most comfortable with.

I cannot, and will not accept your apology. As it is, more damage has been done with your apology. I leave your fate in the hands of the Filipino people. After all, it wasn't only I you insulted, but 92 million others.

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DJB Rizalist said...

Hi Les,
You should put a link to the original in Spanish.