Friday, February 20, 2009


Prof. Alan Paguia, who lives in the QC 'Scout' area says, "Illegal gambling is spreading in Quezon City. Not content with being the "sex capital of the Philippines," Quezon City is now also a gambling haven, and it's all illegal. No Pagcor presence. Jueteng is flourishing. Bookie joints are everywhere in Cubao. Like the prostitution joints and gay bars, illegal gambling in QC must be getting some kind of protection from City Hall, otherwise, they could not have had it this good. Where is the Philippine National Police (PNP) in all these? Where is the Rule of Law in all these? What we see here is a government with the shadow of a criminal syndicate."

I couldn't agree more with Prof. Paguia's observation. I may not be a resident of Quezon City, but I certainly go there at least twice a week and I see all these places he is talking about. They're all over the Quezon Avenue strip. And on Paguia's query on the PNP's presence? Well, they're all over the place as well, giving protection to these prostitution syndicates. You see them every single night collecting "protection fees" from managers and operators of these bars and similar establishments. And who are really the frequent patrons of these girlie bars? People in high places, sporting low-numbered plates, and all types of lords. For a country that boasts of being the "only Christian nation in Asia" (this is a big lie!), we sure know how to show our neighbors the Christian way of living. Time to help SB and Bistek!

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