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Okay, accuse me for being too biased and harsh when I say that this guy on the right doesn't look like a golfer at all. To me, he could pass for a small-time DVD pirate. But he's the man, the culprit. The bully. Shame on you! Beating up even a young boy. The son of his father. The small-time, small-town mayor who just received an award for being a model mayor. And with that they call him "honorable mayor?" The same guy who beat up a 14-year-old boy and his 56-year-old father. Matapang, kasi may mga kasamang goons. Time was when one only had to visit a cockfight to see many thugs and goons, gangsters and warlords. Today, you only have to visit a golf course to see the same. Such is the state of our society today because the golfing world here in the Philippines has been luring shady politico characters to its greens, not to mention the equally lax process of golf clubs in screening its members to be. Unless of course, that undesirable golfer is merely a "guest" of a member, or has playing rights. But just the same, the sport which originally was invented side by side with gentlemanly manners and conduct, has now evolved into a sport played by the exact opposite. Funny, but in the cave-man days, a Troglodyte already had a "club" in his hand. It still is the same today with our modern Troglodytes, the Pangandamans and their fellow cave-men. Take the following examples as it has been written by several bloggers:

1. Anyone who has a pretty good idea of decency and "correctness" knows who and what Gloria Arroyo and her party epitomizes.
2. Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. is part of the illegitimate government of Gloria Arroyo.
3. Only those who have NO semblance of decency will accept an appointive post in GMA's cabinet filled with thievery and thuggery.
4. Nasser Pangandaman Jr., acting as he did, wasn't surprising at all. The son thinks and acts as reared by his parents. "Kung ano ang puno, siya ang bunga."

By merely not doing about it is simply a clear mirror image of the kind of society we have and its lack of values under the so-called presidency of Gloria Arroyo - under an illegitimate president. People like the Pangandamans should always be reminded that they are NOT in Mindanao, and therefore anything they do here (yes, you may call it Imperial Manila) is not necessarily as permissible as it is in their home turf. Golf is a gentleman's game, not to be learned and played by savage thugs. What his son (Pangandaman Jr.) has done must not go uncorrected and he must be punished for his acts - the Muslim way. So, am I being too biased and harsh you say? Read on.

In her blog, Bambee Dela Paz, daughter of Delfin Dela Paz, the human punching-bag of Pangandaman Jr. and his equally brainless brother and moro thugs started the trouble - while papa Nasser Sr. merely watched. Excerpts from her blog she writes:

"At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley Golf and Country Club, Antipolo City, Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao Del Sur, his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and company, beat my defenseless 56-year-old dad and my 14-year-old brother to a pulp because of some stupid misunderstanding on the golf course."

"My brother and I were playing golf at the South course of Valley. We were on the 3rd hole, and we see two golf carts going past us, overtaking our flight, and setting up to tee-off on the next hole. My dad goes up to them and asks them why they would do that, why they would overtake us without even asking for our permission. Golf Etiquette 101."

"The mayor of Masiu City, Lanao Del Sur talks with my dad. Things get heated up. Voices were raised. But never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine that someone would pull out a punch. Apparently not. He attacks my father. His flightmates, maybe 2 or 3 of them, rush to his aid and beat up my father. My younger brother and I could not just watch. We rushed to break up the fight. My younger brother pleads to the mayor to please stop it. To not hurt my dad. To just stop. His words still ring through my head ... "Sorry na po, sorry na po ... tama na ... tama na po ..." With his hands in front of his chest in a praying position. PLEADING. The mayor socks him in the face. My brother defended himself. My dad is still on the ground getting clobbered. My brother is the same way. I try to stop the fight, but all I can do is stop one person. There were 4 or 5 of them attacking now."

"Someone breaks up the fight. I thought it was all over. The mayor shouts to his caddy: "HINDI NILA KAMI KILALA?! SABIHIN MO NGA SA KANILA KUNG SINO AKO!!"

"I lash out, but my dad held me back. I was screaming my lungs out, shouting to this mayor, telling him about what he had done. I said: "Nakakahiya kayo. Singkwenta'y sais anyos ang tatay ko. Ang kapatid ko katorse anyos. Anong ilalaban nila sa inyo?"

"The mayor looks at my brother, points to his face, and says, "TATANDAAN KITA!" And tells me that my brother has a bad attitude and that I need to watch him."

"We leave. We walk to the clubhouse to file a complaint. My brother asks for a doctor. My dad could barely walk. Their group comes to the clubhouse, sees my brother. Once again my brother pleads, says sorry, and is crying. The relentless mayor punches him in the face, and then sees my dad and goes after my dad again. Him and his friend pull my dad to the ground, pulls at his feet, and steps on him like he's dirt. I run to him and try to hold him back, holding him back by his shirt, while this other guy and this girl try to sop me. She tells me to just stop it. I scream in her face, "They're beating my father up and you want me to stop?!" I pull at his shirt - I don't let go. All I can see was my dad being trampled on. I didn't even see my brother getting beat up."

"People pull them away. I get my dad, and I saw my brother. His right ear was bleeding. I freaked out! I told the receptionists to bring my brother to the clinic. I pull my dad away. People were separating us."

"My mom and my older brother come. I tell her Bino's right ear is bleeding. They both look like they could kill. My dad holds my brother off, I hold off my mom. When I finally get my mom under control, my older brother gets away and I hold him off. Two of the mayor's bodyguards pull out their guns. I embraced my brother from the back, just holding him back, crying. The receptionists came to us, crying, hugging me, my dad and my mom, whispering to us to just leave. "Ma'am, umalis na po kayo, may mga baril sila ... ma'am ... umalis na po kayo please ..."

"I am pretty sure the Secretary of DAR did not take part in the fight, but he just watched all this happen. He watched two of his sons, as we figured out, the other guy was his son, too, beat up my father and my 14-year-old brother. He didn't do anything to stop it. And this person is what now? A cabinet member. A politician."

"The people of Valley Golf did not seem to want to help us. None of the security guards even tried to stop the fight. Right in the clubhouse. I came back after the fight was over and talked to the receptionists. They say they did not see anything. The general manager of Valley Golf would not give us the names of the men who made my brother's ear bleed. It took him an hour. Maybe even more than that. He seemed not to want to help us."

"Please pray for my dad, my brother and for my whole family. Please pray that we get justice. Oh God, please give these people what they deserve!"

This incident happened a few days before the new year. On December 29, ABS-CBN reported that Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. was seen playing golf with Mikey Arroyo at the Baguio Country Club. Did Pangandaman do this on purpose to show the citizenry his closeness to criminal elements in government? Birds of the same feather flock together.

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