Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Four successful doctors of medicine were attending a medical conference and were together in the same table. And so goes this discussion over dinner:

The world-renowned Japanese doctor said, "Medicine in my country so advanced, we take kidney out from man, put into anoder man, and he out looking for wok in six weeks!"

The ultra-famous German doctor said, "Zas eez notzing! Ve can take a lung out of zis one person, put it into anozer, und have him out looking for vork in four veeks!"

The highly-acclaimed British doctor said, "In my country, medicine is so bloody advanced that we can take half the heart out of one person, put it into another, and have both of them looking for work in two weeks!"

The multi-awarded botica sa barangay Filipino doctor, as usual, not to be outdone, interjected, "You pipols are so way behind na talaga! We Pinoys allowed a woman with NO HEART to illegally occupy Malacanang Palace since 2001, and she's still alive! And because of that, to this day, HALF THE COUNTRY ARE STILL OUT LOOKING FOR WORK!"


Lord Kazemaru said...


...are a tool. To be honest, I'd like to see you take on Presidency yourself. All you people do is complain, which isn't really helping. It's because you -need- to fight the government. That's what makes you show your love for country, right? Fight whoever is taking residency in The Palace? You talk about corruption, you talk about hypocrisy, whereinfact you people are the hypocrites. You think of yourself as patriots, as warriors for the country, whereinfact YOU are the ones who are making this country burn. YOU are the ones razing this country to the ground.

Bullshit. That's what you all are. And that's what you're all fighting for. Just a bunch of bullshit.

LCB said...

My oh my, such big words from a little lord like you. What kind of lord are you? The coward kind I'm sure who hides his true identity behind his "big comment." Come out in the open like I do and be a man, a real man. Otherwise, next time you make a comment, better ask permission first from your mama. Sayonara!

LCB said...

Who is the "tool" now? And how much is Malacanang paying you for your verbal diarrhea? I bet not much considering your ignorance towards today's Philippine politics? Shame on people like you who have no love for country! It's really people like you who would rather sit in their air-conditioned offices and watch our country burn by people who do not deserve to be called "honorable" in its purest form. These are the so-called public servants who squat in public positions. People like you who do not have the balls to defend their country from internal rapists of our motherland, but instead make comments under an idiotic-sounding pseudonym. And you are commenting on my joke? I wonder what words you shall be saying if and when I write serious stuff on your government? Ang tapang mo kasi you hide behind the skirts of your government! Next time you do make a comment, try using your real name in the same manner I do when I give comments. Otherwise, if you are in the country, pack your bags and leave - the Philippines has not a square inch of land for pseudo-patriots like you. Do you understand what I just wrote, or do you need a sign-language interpreter?