Thursday, November 06, 2008


There should be no objection to the plan to privatize Pagcor. Neither should there be any objection if Stanley Ho, the gambling lord of Macau would buy into the operations of Pagcor, reportedly with some big-time operators from Las Vegas. However, Mr. Ho has such a terrible and questionable management style bordering on the criminal when it comes to running his businesses that we are better off without him. Privatization will stop powerful people close to Malacanang from dipping their hands into the coffers of Pagcor. President Arroyo will be deprived of hundreds of millions of Pesos from the so-called "special fund" from Pagcor, and as far as we are concerned, there should be no objection to that either. We never know how the money is spent anyway, because disbursemens are not audited. So what else is there to do? Make sure that the sale or the privatization process is transparent. With that, government should get the right price for it. And because Pagcor is government-owned, its privatization must be done thru public bidding to avoid suspicions of large sums of money changing hands as a result of a negotiated sale. Lastly, the state should never be involved in gambling. Gloria's government refuses to legalize jueteng, but its gambling tentacles have spread all over the country. The fact that Pagcor is legal and jueteng is not hardly makes any difference. It is still gambling by whatever name one would like to call it.


Migs said...

You would have Stanley Ho, a man who has been known to kill two of his own children and one his sons-in-law into the Philippines? What kind of crack-head are you? You clearly don't have a freaking clue of what you are talking about dipshit. Do you know how many people end up in Macau harbour? Do you know how many people are subjected to "death by a thousand cuts" (a thousand razor cuts dipped in dog shit to assure death by sepsis) - even his own sister's lawyers - 3 of them - suffered this fate so much so that she can't hire anyone to represent her against her own evil brother. You, Leslie are talking out of your ass. Grow a brain before you start mouthing off!

Migs Tantoco

LCB said...

Migs, you seem like a nice guy who suffers from verbal diarrhea. And since you have clearly voiced out your objection to Mr. Ho's possible operations in our country, I join you in that and now stand corrected. As always, I learn the most from those who disagree with me. However, I am also one who wouldn't hold back from stooping down to the level of those who actually have a difficult time in expressing himself in such manner that he now can't distinguish stating an oral argument from an anal one. Cheers!

Migs said...

I'll drink to that. Cheers!