Thursday, November 06, 2008


Barack Obama wins the US presidency and the hearts of all peoples of the world. It was an emotional moment for many of us when CNN finally declared Senator Barack Obama as the 44th US president-elect. In my mind I thought this to be the beginning of a new era for the world's most powerful nation, and one with the most diverse nationalities and cultures. The presidency is a destiny made in heaven. The US presidency in particular is a responsibility and an undertaking unlike any other. With it must come wisdom which must be given from above. Not man-made, but God-given. Obama is a man of God and a man of peace. His victory is a victory for all freedom-loving peoples of the world. It is proof that America can evolve, and will do so for the better in an Obama era. Gone are the days when a black man's job was simply to be a slave. When all he had to do was to pick cotton from the cottonfields of the deep south. To serve the white man his coffee or tea and bring him his mail. To drive him to the county fair or to tend his garden and wash his dishes. Or simply be his hired hand. He has since become the living spirit behind the US presidency, and his victory ushers the unshackling of all racism and bigotry against all black peoples of the world - and of course of America. It is a liberating win not only for black Africa, but also for all African-Americans. With Obama's victory comes God's will, and with God's will comes the blessings for a greater America.

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What an extraordinary moment indeed!