Thursday, November 06, 2008


Webster's dictionary defines graft as "the use of dishonest means and political influence or position to acquire personal gain." Jueteng, smuggling, gambling. These three words ending with a G are part and parcel of this government's legacy, and incidentally, three prominent names starting with a G make it to the news on a regular basis - Genuino, Garcia, Gloria. And what's the controversy all about? G for Graft. When Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz revealed to the public that four (4) national officials and six (6) local officials were receiving bribes from the PhP 30 billion jueteng bonanza, the palace just shrugged off its shoulders. As usual, palace apologists were quick to dare Archbishop Cruz to name names, with the usual motherhood statement that "President Arroyo is fully committed to stamp out all forms of gambling in the country." Now that's garbage with a capital G! Archbishop Cruz retorts that it is "appaling and highly unbelievable" for Malacanang to not know the identities of the persons involved. Cruz is correct. Malacanang knows. Cruz is even generous, again with a capital G. He should have said forty (40) national officials and six hundred (600) local officials instead of four and six. Sticking to four and six, it's easy to guess who these people are. The two of them are seen almost daily in Malacanang, while the other two could be seen in two separate offices on EDSA. As to the six, choose your wild from Bulacan to Pampanga, to Pangasinan and the Ilocos region, all four places as the home turf of "the lady in jueteng."

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