Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The only word I can think of to describe General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. is the word "Traitor." I knew it long before he was to be appointed as Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process - after his term as AFP Chief of Staff, that he would return to betray his country again. Again because he had betrayed already the AFP in the past with his political maneuverings, earning for himself the label 'Worst AFP Chief of Staff the Philippines ever had.' And so now, without proper consultation with the people of Mindanao, he eagerly pushes for the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain(MOA-AD) between the Philippine Government and the MILF. When the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) recently halting its inking between the two parties, the only concern Esperon had in mind was the embarrassment he would be feeling with his MILF and Malaysian counterparts led by Mohagher Iqbal, Rais Yatim and Datuk Othman bin Abdulrazak respectively, but he shows not even an iota of shame on the other hand to the Filipino people for a rotten deal such as this stepping-stone for Charter Change (to perpetuate GMA to power beyond 2010) in disguise as a MOA-AD. In an interview this morning over radio, North Cotabato Vice-Governor Manny Pinol said that Gen. Esperon had threatened him saying that "the AFP (soldiers) will not sacrifice their lives again if and when the MILF attacks your province." In effect, what Esperon was saying is that the AFP will not lift a finger when the MILF creates havoc in the area. With this MOA-AD, it will almost be certain that the Philippines will now be divided simply into the North Philippines and the South Philippines - South being Bangsamorostan, or better yet Bangsarroyostan. What would now prevent the MILF from setting up checkpoints all over the independent state and declare "no-fly zones" to prevent PAF helicopters and planes from flying above them? And by the way, what the heck is Indanan Mayor Alvarez Isnaji doing with the rest of the conspiracy led by General Jun Esperon, General Rudy Garcia and Secretary Jess Dureza? Shouldn't Isnaji be somehere else like a place called jail? This is what we get for appointing retired military officers to sensitive positions like "Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process." Jun Esperon is not a man of peace. He is a man of war, and war shall he have in his thick face in Mindanao when its civilian citizens start arming themselves to protect themselves, not to mention the ire we will be getting from the MNLF for this traitorousness.

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DJB Rizalist said...

haha i think his goose is cooked. lots of people want him sacked. serves him right...same for dureza, garcia etal.