Monday, August 04, 2008


While this administration gives away P500 subsidies to the poor, it also gives away P500 thousand "subsidies" to mayors and governors, P50 million to congressmen, and $500 million to Northrail. To top it all, guess to which family a P5 billion "subsidy" was alloted to? On that note, President Arroyo is now so far the only president who is disliked and distrusted by a huge majority of the country's population. Is it a surprise why? Malacanang keeps blaming everyone else for this except themselves and its illegal occupant. They keep saying that the president isn't concerned at all with her dismal acceptance and trust ratings, and yet her spin-doctors, on her nagging orders work overtime each day trying their best at damage control. In a sense, it's like performing a heart by-pass to a patient who already died of a massive cardiac arrest weeks ago.
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