Saturday, August 09, 2008


General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. had a slip of the tongue (his own forked tongue) this morning over at VP Noli de Castro's teleradyo show 'Para Sa'Yo Bayan' on DZMM when he said "if the constitution has to be changed for the MOA, so be it." So, the truth shall always come out. Now it can be told that the long-term reason for all these is their lustful desire for Charter Change - and to perpetuate President Gloria Arroyo to presidential power beyond 2010. Need we say more? On that note, the ARMM elections shall be taking place on Monday, August 11, and to this day, Virgilio Garcillano and Lintang Bedol are still at large and have yet to pay for the evils they have planted in Mindanao, having made dagdag-bawas a way of life there during election season.

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