Saturday, July 05, 2008


Among the very few honorable men serving President Arroyo's administration is a fellow who stands out and shines for all to see - Eduardo 'Edu' Manzano, a fraternity brother of mine, and currently head of the Optical Media Board (OMB), a line agency directly under the Office of the President (OP). Edu has been doing an excellent job, and has recently waged an all-out war not only to pirates of the movie world, but more particularly to child pornography producers. He has done this also as a private citizen, delivering a dramatic monologue expressing his extreme disgust over the proliferation of pornographic videos that feature Filipino kids. He lamented the fact that many of these discs are on sale at our favorite malls and department stores, some even being next to churches. Edu aired an appeal to these mall operators, church and politicians to follow suit and go all-out in putting a stop to the sale of pornographic materials, and to child pornography itself. Edu is filing charges against mall operators and retailers engaged in the sale of these items. Porn videos are in violation of RA 7610 which guards against child exploitation and abuse. Edu calls on the public to get involved and sign up in a document showing support to this crusade. The document will be posted on the OMB website at - Good luck bro!
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