Monday, July 07, 2008


It's very clear now that the thick-skinned owners and lawyers and apologists of Sulpicio Lines are blaming everybody except themselves. They even blame God when they declared that the tragedy was an "act of God." It wasn't an act of God. It was an "act of stupidity." - on their part. Since day one of the crisis, all they ever accomplished was make life harder for the relatives of their victims by callousness, indifference, and sheer lack of sympathy - to a point of arrogance. It's not like this is the very first time such tragedy ever happened to the shipping line. This is just a repeat of what had already occured in the past. And to this day, they still are a bunch of amateurs when it comes to dealing with a crisis such as this - by blaming every Tom, Dick and Harry on the sea. It's high time they are punished and must be prohibited from operating for now until they show genuine reforms by first thinking of safety each time any of their vessels sets out to sea. Otherwise, let all their ships be used as habitat for barnacles from hereon.

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