Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I received two text messages from ex-captive Ces Drilon last June 24 saying, "Leslie, Ces here using my other phone. Thank you for your prayers and forgive my delayed response. Lost both my phones." And, "Thanks, I also remember your call while I was in captivity. Was just afraid to answer as my captors were around." While I am so happy for Ces' recent release from the hands of her captors, I am also saddened by the abduction of four employees of the Basilan Electric Cooperative by the Abu Sayyaf. Sad because we hardly hear any news about them simply because they're just four 'nobodys' and the media just doesn't give a hoot anymore. That's the cruelty of anonymity. Sadly so, the ransom may not be paid, and four lives could just be put to waste.
(Image from http://daylife.com/)

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As what they said: Its not what you know, but its who you know.