Friday, June 06, 2008


Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez was recently sucking on the barrel of his gun when he accused CHR Chairman Leila de Lima of undue haste and unfairness to some cops in concluding the Tanauan, Batangas killings by Task Force RCBC elements was a rubout or simply a summary execution. Gonzalez likewise was suffering from an acute verbal diarrhea when he said that the bank robbers-murderers should be subject to a "shoot to kill" order. Undue haste? But four people are dead! The PNP record of summary executions and the practice of using 'fall guys' is not a secret. Chairman de Lima was doing what was just right. So, why should Sec. Gonzalez be disappointed about de Lima's swift action? It is be Gonzalez who is guilty as hell for undue haste in clearing Proclamation 1017, in permitting CPR and E.O. 464, in orchestrating the raid on the editorial offices of Tribune, in filing charges against several opposition leaders, including the late Rep. Crispin Beltran. Chairman de Lima simply has set a good example of prompt action by a government agency, in contrary to Gonzalez' canine partisanship.

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