Friday, June 06, 2008


GSIS chief legal counsel Estrella Elamparo was wrong to say that Winston Garcia's family in Cebu are in no way involved in the operations of Visayan Electric Co. (VECO), the Cebuano version of Meralco. She went public recently in an attempt to fool consumers that Winston Garcia has no hidden agenda whatsoever. The Garcia's are indeed interlinked with the Aboitiz family (VECO owners on record), in the management of RP's second largest franchise of electricity. Again, my GSIS mole tells me that VECO is owned by the Aboitiz family and has for itself a lawyer in the person of Jess Anthony Garcia from the Neri-Garcia clan. He is Winston Garcia's nephew and the eldest son of Alvin Garcia, former Cebu City mayor and younger brother of Jesus "Sonny" Garcia, FVR's former transportation secretary. Alvin and Sonny are Winston's first cousin. Sonny Garcia sits in the board of Vivant Corp., the holding firm of the Aboitizes' VECO. Sonny Garcia has been lawyering for the Aboitizes shipping business in particular. Elamparo failed to do her homework. A costly blunder such as this could backfire on her boss, especially if the Lopezes take on this error hook, line and sinker.

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