Tuesday, June 03, 2008


One month after Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar and claimed thousands of Burmese lives, its leadership under heartless General Than Shwe (and his fellow generals) still closes its country's doors to international aid. Over a million of its citizens to this day have not yet received any form of aid, while US ships wait nearby for any breakthrough in its internal policies. The US State Department claims it has made more than fifteen (15) official attempts to convince Myanmar's leaders to allow aid to be given to its starving and dying citizens. Had its leaders allowed international relief goods into its shores and airports, more Burmese people would surely be alive now. But their cruelty and sheer disregard for innocent lives continue to this day, and their corruption within their ranks make them one of the most corrupt military-state in the world, occupying similar rankings with our very own AFP. I just wonder, did Major-General Jovito 'The Butcher' Palparan Jr. learn soldiery under Burmese military schools?

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