Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases defines the French terms FAUX BONHOMME as "a false good-natured man," and "a malicious or devious person who pretends to be open-hearted and good-natured," and FAUX NAIF as "a person who pretends to be naive."

ABS-CBN's Wowowee host Willie Revillame is exactly that. After having apologized a la cry-baby a few times on national TV for his ill behavior, he seems to have not yet learned his lesson. He is indeed a swell guy - in the head. He recently booted out of Wowowee co-host Precious Lara Quigaman, a well-respected beauty and brains lady who only happens to be one of our country's pride and joy, having won the 2005 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan. The reason? He simply couldn't conquer her heart and God knows what else, perhaps thinking that he (Willie) is God's gift to women. He was oh so wrong! So, what better way to seek revenge than to cut short her appearances on the show. But it doesn't end there. A PR campaign is well under way to attempt at discrediting Lara's unblemished reputation in the showbiz industry - contrary to Willie's reputation which is that of a guy who just can't show good behavior which always lacks the moral side of it. What got Willie's ire to boot Lara out was the recent Hawaii trip of the Wowowee cast. Willie had other plans aside from his cheap tricks for his blinded fans. He thought he would be able to take Lara out on a date (finally) which he's been itching to make it happen, but to his disappointment, the lady was escorted by no less than her mother and boyfriend. And so the rest is history as it was now an opportunity for the ill-will Willie to get even. Well, one can never put a good man (woman) down. As for Willie, it simply would be just "a walk in the park." For a guy who used to ask help from friends when he was down, he sure has reached the top financially, and so popular that women would fall flat on their breasts just to get his attention. But not Lara. Willie is not in her caliber at all. Like I said, she packs beauty, brains and an untarnished solid moral fiber, which Willie lacks all of the three qualities. I wonder, will it be soon once again for people to see him in tears (crocodile tears), apologizing for another "sin" he is so familiar with? You can bet on it. Even as this importunate Willie denies to high heavens that he doesn't like Lara, his behavior always gives him away! He's better off as a drummer than a TV host, for he sure can't control his verbal diarrhea. So, it really is Wowowee's loss and not Lara's. And by the way, why wasn't Lara given a contract by the TV network? Attention Ms. Cory Vidanes.


Anonymous said...

I always thought the Precious Lara Quigaman was never suited for a show like Wowowee. She's just too delicate and decent to be seen among scantily-clad and gyrating Willy's rah-rah girls.

LCB said...

Vikky, yes i do agree with your accurate observations. It's kind of a learning experience for her as well, for all things have their way of working out for the good. She has better things ahead of her. A seeming closed door may bring many open windows soon! Cheers!