Thursday, May 22, 2008


For a giant TV network to boast of its 'KAPAMILYA' culture, ABS-CBN sure doesn't think much of family values. In the case of its recent victim, fall guy (girl) Precious Lara Quigaman was booted out of Wowowee for a simple stupid reason. Lara took along with her to Hawaii her mother and her boyfriend to the dismay of superstar Willie Revillame who has been hounding her, even placing a call one day to Lara's mother in Canada hinting that he should instead be Lara's boyfriend. Now, wasn't this the same guy who said he didn't like Lara at all? And contrary to Ricky Lo's Philippine Star entertainment column of May 21, 2008, Ricky should have checked his facts first with his 'unimpeachable source' before writing an obviously distorted piece, aside from a few other wrong data. Ricky failed to mention that Lara's mother was part of her 'entourage.' It wasn't just her boyfriend who came along. Well, my own unimpeachable source at ABS-CBN tells me that the network is now working on the statement they would like her to say, if and when she airs her side. I know Lara to be one who is not easily intimidated by blackmail and threats. Now, it won't surprise me a bit though if she tells her side (the truth) of the story and then loses her "That's My Doc" slot with Aga Muhlach. That's KAPAMILYA for you. For this network would do anything just to preserve the 'moral values' and 'innocence' of its superstars no matter the cost. The very same stars who remain the 'suki' of the MTRCB. Sometimes, it's better to just join an organization with a genuine heart and noble intentions toward its talents. I wonder, does 'KAPUSO' have these qualities?

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