Friday, May 30, 2008


I walk my whippet every single day, but not the way that guy above walks his lab! Yes, and I'm so glad I gave up driving my car many years ago. I can imagine the headache many motorists are now experiencing with the constant rising of the price of oil. When the cost of fuel goes up, everything goes up as well. I can live well just by commuting. Less stress, less expense. Imagine the cost of parking, toll, maintenance from the wear and tear of your vehicle, and the occasional 'hulidap' one has to live with from cops and the MMDA. Many years ago, TV host Ariel Ureta got in trouble with the Marcos regime when he made a mockery of one of Marcos' gem slogans "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan." He simply substituted the word "disiplina" to "bisikleta," and off went Col. Rolly Abadilla's Metrocom to his office! Today, I reflect on Ureta's mockery of that slogan and then realize he had a point. A good one. Countries like China and Holland rely much on the bicycle for transport. It's a good way to get from one place to another. But you and I know the 'macho' character of every Pinoy. So, each day out on the streets, one would see a car with just one passenger in it - it's driver. We should learn 'car-pooling.' It's a good way to save, and a great way to get to know better your neighbors. If I'm not mistaken I believe a newer term for it now in the US is "slugging." which simply means 'instant car-pooling' or 'casual car-pooling.' Motorcycles (the underbone type) are a bad alternative. Each day, several motorcyclists lose their life or limb from accidents. We simply have too little regard for road safety hence, the tragic endings. A bicycle is a good way to start. Walking and commuting is also better. Try it, and see how much money you'd be saving, and how much longer you'd be living.

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agustin said...

you failed to mention that ariel's "penance" was to bike around camp crame the whole day.