Monday, May 26, 2008


So, Press Secretary Ignacio 'Toting' Bunye will be moving soon to the Monetary Board. It's employees should be up in arms because his entry will surely cheapen the institution. Why do I say that? Well, how can we ever forget that day in Malacanang, right after the 'Hello Garci' expose when he was brandishing two tapes asking members of the Malacanang Press Corps the question, "which one of these do you think is fake?" I swear, I could have heard one of the reporters answer faintly, "Gloria." Bunye goes on to defend his appointment by jumping the gun on his critics saying that they should not forget that he was once a banker. But that was long ago. He has now evolved into a rabid sort of banker - of lies. Time and again, each time his lady boss and her cohorts would be caught in an imbroglio, he would quickly declare the expected words, "let's move on." For Lie-Toting Bunye, he sure has a big chance to be the lying-est Spokesman and Press Secretary for the lying-est President.

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