Sunday, October 18, 2009


As I write this, my heart goes out to OFW Dondon Lanuza who, after nine years in a Saudi jail, is still awaiting the day he shall walk out of prison as a free man. Dondon needs all the help we can give him. He could be beheaded, but I am believing such will never happen. That If indeed he acted in self-defense killing another individual, our foreign affairs department must act swiftly too to try to save a Filipino. A human being.

And many of our diplomats abroad simply refuse to help our OFWs in trouble, in particular those who serve as domestic helpers. Hence, Pinoy diplomats who go out of their way to serve our OFWs are as rare as hen's teeth. From what I have gathered, the following could be reasons why our OFWs continue to be treated obnoxiously by our diplomats.

- A whopping majority of these diplomats are relatives and friends of powerful politicians and government officials, a relationship which assures them of continuity in office even if they ignore OFWs and their woes;

- These diplomats are too busy serving as tourist guides, pimps and shopping companions to visiting and junketing Pinoy VIPs, notably from their patrons back home;

- Most OFWs come from impoverished families, in contrast to the diplomats who come from the social and political elite;

- The diplomats are mostly out of their offices, following up papers of Philippine-based business firms which shell out big bucks just so these diplomats could be their errand boys abroad;

- They are too busy attending to night-long diplomatic parties and other social functions, and have to skip going to office the next day or so;

- Most of these diplomats have foreign mistresses;

- They don't help domestic helpers in trouble, especially the pretty ones who do not give in to their sexual demands;

- They extort money from countrymen who need their help badly, and turn their backs on OFWs who cannot shell out the cash demanded of them;

- Most OFWs did not finish college, and are an abomination to members of the diplomatic office who all have college degrees from elite institutions;

- OFWs are generally looked down upon by embassy people as pests;

- Embassy people dislike the accents of OFWs;

- Diplomats are modern-day caciques;

- They are in cahoots with illegal labor recruiters.

But of course there are still many true diplomat heroes, and we know who they are. Those who really do their best in helping OFWs in trouble. OFW Dondon Lanuza is just one of many who need help. He is not a leper. He is a Filipino who cries out to be heard by politicians as well who need to stop collecting tutuli in their ears, just in case the need for it arises, such as a desperate appeal from an OFW.

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