Sunday, July 19, 2009


In his book "Notes On The New Society," the late President Ferdinand Marcos listed the following to justify his exercise of emergency powers and eventual imposition of martial law: rightist conspiracy, economic dislocation, graft and corruption, the Muslim secessionist movement, communist insurgency, rising criminality and increasing social justice.

Sounds familiar?

During the long years of the Marcos rule, many men and women gained majestic eminence by their sacrifices for freedom and liberty, and when Marcos was ousted by a popular uprising, these heroes were rewarded by a grateful people by electing them to high positions.

Now, as storm clouds begin to gather again threatening such freedoms and liberties, these stout-hearted former street parliamentarians and human rights champions, except for a handful, are ominously silent. Matter of fact, some of them are the ones insisting on repressive Draconian measures trampling on civil liberties and constitutional freedoms. Observe them now. Aren't they the ones in elected offices forcing to amend our Constitution? If you ask me, they don't deserve another day in office. They should just return to their caves and for once, do the country a favor and hibernate as long as they want.

Indeed, how money and power can corrupt even the noblest of heart! So many people recoiled in horror and shock as they read and heard these former intrepid heroes against the Marcos regime become the new oppressors and executioners. Especially horrified now are members of the fourth estate many of whom shared the same cells with these new tyrants from Malacanang, the House and the Senate - in Camp Crame and Bicutan during Marcos' iron rule.

These budding dictators have learned their lessons well, and no less than President Gloria Arroyo and Speaker Prospero Nograles emerge as honor students. These people know that for a totalitarian state to be set in place, there must first be a slaughter of the press.

Tick off the names in Malacanang, Congress and the Senate who would now act as executioners of the citizenry - and weep. These were the glorious leaders of the parliament of the streets and those who went into exile fighting Marcos to the bitter end. Gout-inflicted fat cats, filthy bottomless pits and all.

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