Friday, July 24, 2009


Imagine this scenario: With Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile stepping closer to support former President Joseph Estrada, if and when he runs for president, Malacanang may orchestrate a Senate coup and unseat JPE, to be replaced by a new Senate President/Palace puppet. This possible coup against Enrile would ensure Senate approval of the proposal to shift to a parliamentary form of government. A change in the form of government will ensure that the Arroyo administration will remain in power beyond 2010. Under the plan, the present Congress will constitute itself as a Constituent Assembly to amend the Constitution. It will vote for a shift to a parliamentary system and submit the decision to the people for ratification.

Incumbent senators and congressmen would have to run in their respective districts for seats in the unicameral legislature. The Arroyo people, with their vast resources and political network already in place down to the precinct level, are confident they will enjoy a large majority in the new parliament, which follows the French model which calls for a strong President (the British model has the Prime Minister as the virtual ruler and the monarch as a ceremonial figure head).

Under the plan, President Arroyo, who will run in Pampanga, will be elected President and Speaker Prospero Nograles as Prime Minister. The scenario calls for unseating Enrile if he refuses to go along with the plan. But Enrile's supporters say the Arroyo people have another guess coming. Enrile has his own counter-moves ready.

On that note, that is why I strongly oppose incumbent senators and congressmen from running for Parliament if the proposed shift to a parliamentary system is approved by a Constituent Assembly composed of the incumbent legislators to amend the Constitution. Hence, the proposed shift is merely a political maneuver by the party in power to allow its members to remain in office and even allow President Arroyo to stay on as President, and a Prime Minister chosen from among the majority parliamentarians.

It would be Machiavellian to amend the Constitution just to suit the ambitions of some trapos.

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