Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I recently visited the Batasan Pambansa to meet a former staff member of mine who now works for one of the elected officials there. I was so surprised to see the latest imports bearing the #8 on them. The most beautiful and expensive vehicles can be found right at the Batasan. Well, what do you expect? They now have a Speaker who has evolved from a tweeter to a boom-box. He sure is living it up as well. They all are. I immediately thought that being a congressman was always equivalent to being filthy rich. Since there was no session that hour I was there, many of the congressmen were just casually dressed, but wore the latest Lacoste shirts with that little crocodile on them. Imagine that, a tiny crocodile on a big crocodile. Funny, but true. Methinks congressmen are from a diffrent species of crocs. They're both land and water creatures, which means they are amphibious. They can easily adapt to the environment and climate change, and will always be more accomodating during the campaign season. They are Pachyderms. Once elected, their body clocks automatically switch to "hibernate" mode, which means that you'll have to wait the whole summer season until you get a satisfactory attention from them. But we never learn. We elect their offsprings to the very same positions they once occupied. It's called "dynasty." I guess we're just simply too familiar and stuck with the system already, and that's why the 'Dynasty Bill' will never prosper in Congress. And the Cayman congressman will always put the 'nasty' in dynasty. Before leaving the Batasan, my friend whispered to me that this year just like last year, there won't be any 'Nativity Scene' again in Congress. I asked why and he said, "They probably won't be able to find again even just three wise men and a virgin right here. Only enough asses amongst themselves to fill the stable!"
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