Monday, March 16, 2009


Our Constitution was not written on sand only to be washed away by a roguery of self-serving politicians like Speaker Boy Nograles and Rep. Ed Zialcita, allied with Gloria Arroyo, blown in by the political wind, otherwise known as the Arroyo regime's corrupt, polluted air.

On that note, before GMA and her storm-troopers have it their way changing our Constitution, perhaps it would be a good reminder for all to see what kind of legacy they really will be leaving behind.

The following best describes it all:

- $500 million IMPSA/Napocor/Argentine deal c/o Sec. Nani Perez
- NAIA-3 project/Germany's Fraport AG
- Grossly overpriced P1.2 billion PEA-Diosdado Macapagal Highway (Dioscopo Napacamahal Highway)
- PCSO ads and the multi-million peso funds mis-use
- SBMA smuggling operations
- BCDA loss of AFP modernization funds
- Camp John Hay Baguio rentals
- Poro Point revenues
- PhilHealth cards
- Joc-Joc Bolante's P728 million fertilizer scam
- OWWA fund diversion
- PAGCOR secret deals with the clergy, media and government officials
- DPWH contracts including the Road-User's tax
- $329 million grossly overpriced ZTE-NBN mess c/0 Chairman Ben Abalos
- North Rail's 'railroaded' projects
- South Rail's 'railroaded' project
- DoTC contracts including RORO ports and local airports misu-use of funds
- Anomalous TRANSCO bidding
- NFA rice mess up
- SPRATLYS sell-out to China
- "Hello Garci" scandal, Lintang Bedol's magic, and Gloria's 'manufactured mandate'
- P1.3 billion missing irrigation funds
- Anomalous VENABLE contract c/o Sec. Bert Gonzales
- P5 billion Swine Scam c/o pigs in government
- Jose Pidal kickback accounts
- P2 billion National Food Fund loss in 2005
- Grossly overpriced lamp posts (from P16,000 to P300,000 each) in Gloria's Cebu c/o DPWH
- $1.3 billion crooked COMELEC Computerization deal
- $147 million DA/Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (authored by Sen. Ed Angara)
(The DA has mis-used these funds)

And now, the LEGACY mess of Celso Delos Angeles. And the list goes on.

Shall we simply give them our Constitution on a silver platter for them to amend and contaminate with their filthy hands, and pave the way for Gloria Arroyo's perpetuation to power? Let us now examine their credibility and coming legacy, and then, let the sovereign Filipino nation decide.

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