Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here is a brilliant legal comment from law professor Alan Paguia, who I now address as "Justice Paguia," a true legal luminary who loves the Rule of Law and follows it faithfully, unlike many lawyers who are simply infatuated with the law, cheat on it and fool around with it.

On Senator Aquilino Quilingquing Pimentel's Senate bill on the Right of Reply:

"If you criticize an individual on print, radio or television, the proposed law gives him the "right of reply." If the owner, editor or station manager fails or refuses to give equal space for reply when requested, that person incurs criminal liability, and a fine and/or an imprisonment of not more than 30 days." "What is wrong with this bill? As far as public officials are concerned, they are given the 'right,' instead of the 'duty to reply.' Thus, the bill weakens, instead of strengthens, public accountability."

Indeed, our senators should study this bill carefully, wouldn't you agree? What say you, "panyero" Leon Guerrero?

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