Friday, January 30, 2009


Many of the ancient Roman walls were built and compacted with excellent cement that it would be unthinkable to separate one stone from the other. Truth is, the whole mass has become consolidated like one rock, so embedded in cement that it is extremely difficult to distinguish one stone from another.

Blessed is a church that is built in this manner, where each member cares not only for his own well-being, but also for all - where, if there be any joy in one member, all the members rejoice and, if there be sadness in any one part of that body, all the rest are in sadness as well, "remembering those that are in bonds as bound with them, and those that are in adversity as being, yourselves, also in the body."

And yet, what are some of these churches in our communities but semi-religious clubs and mutual admiration kaffeeklatsch and mere conventions of people grouped together. They have not in them that holy soul which is the essence of unity. Why, the body would soon become disjointed and a mass of rottenness if the soul were not in it and if the head itself is rotten. And, if God's Spirit is not present, the whole fabric of the outward church starts falling into pieces like worn out garment. For where there is no life, there can be no genuine unity.

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