Sunday, October 05, 2008


A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill great frustration in an individual. At worse, it can wreck his day. The picture above is a perfect example of a daily occuring pet peeve of practically anyone. See how that huge SUV is unevenly parked, and in a slot specifically just for compacts? The term originated from the word 'peeve'. Pet peeves involve complaints about specific behaviors, rather than general dissatisfaction. Pet peeves often involve people around you, and may be about manners, disregard to other people's rights, or just simple annoying behavior. UNDERTOW posts its list of pet peeves (starting today) based on a first-hand account of daily life in the urban jungle of Metro Manila.

My top 10 pet peeves for this post are as follows:

1. Motorcycle escort cops who bully and weave their way past you. (Where's a banana peel when you need one?)
2. Ambulance chasers (Literally, and the next vehicle tailgating a speeding ambulance. (If he's already dead, what's the rush then?)
3. Slow-moving, time-wasting Mercury Drug counter sales people. (Please hurry and stop gossiping! I'm having a coronary!)
4. McDonald's and Jollibee counter girls who rudely interrupt you while you're still ordering your food. ("Large Coke and fries for that?" "No, just a small mouth and make it quick please!")
5. Real-estate agents who block your path as they hand you their company brochure. (Which is really their subtle way of telling you to please throw the brochure for them in the nearest garbage bin.)
6. MRT passengers who idiotically insist on boarding before allowing disembarking passengers to do just that. ("Step aside, salmon face!")
7. Mall security guards who poke your bag with a chopstick. ("I have a bomb, but your stick can't detect it.")
8. People who brush their teeth and wash their plates and utensils (spoon and fork) inside a public restroom. (While you're at it, please wash your face in the toilet bowl.)
9. Underbone motorcyclists who play loud music on the road and wear their crash helmets halfway in. (Deaf and dumb riders!)
10. Jeepney and bus passengers who smoke cigarets while on board with you. ("Hey buddy, second-hand smoke can kill ..... you!")


Anonymous said...

Number 5 is my top pet peeve when I'm in a mall and have to squeeze past these real-estate marketers. I have perfected my icy stare so that whenever one attempts to hand be a brochure they shrink back immediately. But since that takes a bit of energy I just usually walk along the far wall and avoid them.

LCB said...

Hi Bambit, thanks for the comment. yes, #5 seems a fave of many, since there's also many of them at the malls! What about those who offer free massage? Cheers!