Tuesday, May 06, 2008


President Arroyo's wanderlust plays a major factor in her negative rating amongst the Filipino people, contrary to what her publicists want her to achieve. She is seldom seen at her desk in Malacanang to attend to the affairs of the state like a true chief executive. Instead, she socializes and visits weddings, funerals, inaugurals, launches and victims of calamities. Okay, so what's wrong with that? It's a humanitarian act and is expected from no less than the President. Well, she should know by now that none of these actions worked for her favor, otherwise she never would have gotten a negative acceptance rating. For her remaining two years (or less) in office, the citizenry want her to get down to real executive work and just delegate to her sycophants affairs of lesser national importance. Less talk and more action is what is expected of her to be doing. For "when the defecation hits the ventilation," again, more protest actions will be hounding her administration and its dismal performance in delivering basic services to the people.

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