Thursday, May 08, 2008


Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton reminds me of many of our local female stars here at home. While Paris is a natural blonde and a Caucasian, a lot of Pinays spend fortunes for whitening creams and hair color, desiring to possess her looks. What they invest in the name of beauty and vanity, they simply neglect in education. Paris is known as many things and "scholar" isn't one of them. Still, while nobody would confuse the heiress with a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, she did manage to graduate high school - in a way. Hilton attended Dwight School in New York, but didn't stick around long enough to wear a cap and a gown. However, she did earn her General Equivalency Diploma (GED) later on after some home-schooling. Passing the test certifies the taker has some academic skills at par with a typical high school grad. Connect the dots and you'll realize that she possesses the intelligence of an average American high school student. Now, whether that's terrifying or a simple sign of the coming apocalypse, I leave that to you. But maybe I'm being too hard on the starlet. After all, by anyone's definition, Paris is a successful person and an heiress to a vast fortune. Granted, she's been publicly humiliated more times than one can count, but she's certainly a genius at marketing herself. Going to jail was probably part of the publicity plan, and maybe she ought to teach a course to many of our so-called public servants here. Who knows, they might even follow her footsteps just one step further and experience going to jail as well.
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