Sunday, December 30, 2007


Many of the Korean nationals that come to our country are an unruly lot, arriving here in the same manner a swarm of locusts come to feast on our crops. Call me a racist, but there's just something about a lot of them that's just not oh so proper! They just simply lack in fine manners. I believe most of them who come here suffer from what they call Maum Sand Hada, or being in a state of 'mental anguish,' which explains why several of them behave like Troglodytes. I just had a brief conversation with a neighbor who had just driven from Baguio City, claiming that Koreans are everywhere in that summer capital, and especially in Camp John Hay where they just love the game of golf. I wonder, a few more arrivals there and they could change the name of Camp John Hay to Kim Jong Hee. Or perhaps the historical Session Road to See-Hyun Road. The same thing is happening over at the BF Homes Subdivision in Paranaque City. Over there, Koreans have alloted for their community a huge portion of the main Aguirre Avenue with Korean restaurants, schools, churches, groceries, internet cafes and even a beauty parlor. This scenario is duplicated in many other places in the country. Perhaps Aguirre Avenue may soon have a name change as well - to Arirang Avenue?

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