Monday, December 31, 2007


The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) under Bayani Fernando is one heartless and mindless agency under the Office of the President. A day never passes without a motorist hurting himself and damaging his vehicle while driving at night because of the MMDA's concrete barriers that obstruct our main thoroughfares - EDSA in particular. Trouble is, these solid slabs of cement are never properly lit or to say the least, given a proper reflector for all motorists to see. I have been a victim some time ago and neither was my driver-companion drunk (DUI) or overspeeding. We were simply and carefully cruising along EDSA that night and before we knew it, a concrete barrier - almost invisible had damaged our vehicle. As expected, the MMDA was quick to blame everyone else on the scene except themselves. Short of saying that their concrete barriers were not properly reflectorized, they immediately slapped the driver with a charge of "reckless imprudence resulting to damage to property." Now, I have always identified the word "reckless" to mean with a sense of unmindful behavior, and Webster surely defines the word to mean "lacking caution." As far as i can remember, that was exactly what the driver was doing while he was driving. He was so careful but that darn concrete barrier was like a shadow of death hounding would-be victims on the highway. And we were just one of the many these monsters hurt every single day (night). It's time the MMDA does something about this quickly. How many more vehicles are to be destroyed, limbs to be lost and lives to be claimed before Chairman BF acts on this? This is definitely not his version of Metro Gwapo. This is his reckless job called Metro Gago!

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