Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Im not even a bit surprised at all that the PNP who stormed and destroyed (and looted) the Manila Peninsula Hotel during that l'affaire Trillanes were given awards and accolades for a job well done. Well, I have always said that the police must obey the law while enforcing the law. Did they? You be the judge. I spoke to a Manila Pen waiter recently and told me of seeing policemen carting away stuff they could get their hands on (they call it 'gathering of evidence') - laptops, towels, food, linens and even a shower cap! It's that 'culture of impunity' hounding us over and over again. So, why does DILG Sec. Ronaldo 'Ronnie' Puno have to add insult to injury by rewarding these pseudo-santa-cops led by PGen. Geary Barias when they already plundered the best loot of the day? You may have pleased your lady-boss, but you certainly angered the already pissed-off citizenry. Oh, by the way Ronnie, I heard you have a new laptop? A minor coincidence only perhaps?

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