Wednesday, May 19, 2010


SLEEPLESS IN MY SHUTTLE. When communist leader Jose Maria 'Joma' Sison exiled himself to the Netherlands and started wearing suits, he made himself irrelevant to the leftists here in the Philippines.

Mao Tse Tung to his dying day never gave up on his collar-less Mao jacket in favor of a Western suit. North Korea's Kim Jong Il wears an olive green military outfit. Even Cuba's Fidel Castro wore a similar outfit for the longest time, and only later in his life was he seen occasionally wearing an athletic terno.

Even his 'tocayo' and fellow-cigar chomper former President Fidel Ramos did not quite recognize Joma as the leader of the Philippine communist movement - or so it appeared then from FVR's announcements that the government recognize instead Luis Jalandoni as the leftists' representative in peace talks. Local leftists then were debating on how they were to respond to the government's peace initiatives during the Ramos regime. Sison had disowned many of the local leaders whom he had accused of selling out to FVR's administration.


TimikaE俞萍_Harkey偉昀 said...
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Claudette said...

Well... how come Hoxha wore a suit same as Tito, Ulbricht, even Stalin once wore and of course, Lenin.

And secondly, he belonged to a family whose pictures include wearing coat and tie, so why for him to deprive just because he's a Communist, and Communist doesn't wear suits?

Again, it all depends on the wearer, if he doesn't like then so may it be... it's all in the person not in the ideology to justify or not to justify wearing coat and tie. Even Tito once wore a tuxedo too!