Sunday, December 06, 2009


Nothing in particular. Just playing with words as I always love to, and these suddenly appeared like marquee lights in my mind: "Martial Law," and "Mar Shallow." Both subject matter are currently a daily read these days in practically every publication there is, which brought me to ask myself how long will Martial Law be implemented in Maguindanao and will it spill over to other areas like Metro Manila and then to the entire archipelago to, in the words of Rep. Teddy Casino, "end all other rebellions?" and then coming to mind too is the question how shallow really is Mar Roxas? As one reader puts it, "he's deeply shallow." But methinks Mar is shallowy deep, what ever that means. You be the judge.

Being a little "shallow" can be tolerable, especially from one whose organization tries hard to identify him with the masses or the hoi polloi with pseudonyms first like "Mister Palengke" and then a few years later "Padyak," when in fact he comes from the creme de la creme of such buena familias. In short, an upper crust, top-of-the-foodchain bourgeois. A capitalist who exploits the proletariat. The same thing can be said about his runningmate Noynoy Aquino and most of the presidentiables.

And since it looks like he's a sure winner for the second highest office in the land, I just hope he doesn't become another Sultan of Shallow like VP Noli de Castro.

As for Martial Law, that really is either tolerable or intolerable, depending on whose side you're on.


AdB said...

To be perfectly honest, Leslie, martial law in that lawless land called Maguindanao wouldn't have been a bad idea -- the problematic thing is it's proclaimed by Gloria.

Just can't trust that moral midget with the use of such a powerful military tool.

LCB said...

Good evening AdB! I think the other reason why she proclaimed martial law there is to retrieve all those evidences on her cheating thru the ampatuans.

France Blog said...

I think you are spot on!

Amaptuans might have threatened to squel, hinting at the existence of "evidence", and so, presto, Ermita pushed Gloria to declare martial law.

France Blog said...

Oops, this Anna...