Monday, December 28, 2009


On the anniversary of man's landing on the moon, US President Barack Obama proudly declared America would soon be sending her astronauts to other uncharted planets in outer space.

Meanwhile, back in Manila, we have gone back to motorless pedicabs. And speaking of pedicabs, who allowed those rickety contraptions pedalled by mostly uncouth drivers in the streets of the metropolis, completely disregarding all traffic rules and regulations, causing nightmarish traffic snarls? No wonder the lines in the different foreign embassies are getting longer by the day.

And how come they haven't enforced already existing city and municipal ordinances banning pedicabs from main city thoroughfares? We still see those pesky sidecars defying traffic laws on main roads while the police simply look the other way. Is it because policemen own several of these rolling irritants?

And then comes a vice-presidential bet who lauds and promotes these road hazards. Believe me, he's going to create more enemies than friends by the day, which translates to precious votes come 2010 if he continues playing godfather to an illegal trade.

Is this the kind of vision he has for the country? Ask Loren Legarda now, who's steadily eating into his socio-political pie. I'm fine with Loren, as long as she doesn't "cry her way to the bank."

Well, anything just to get those votes. The appropos word I believe is: exploitation. First the palengkeras in the palengkes, and then now the padyakeros in the kalyes. Who could be next to be exploited in 2016 when he runs for president? Perhaps the snatchers or the contratista taxi drivers right under his nose in Cubao's Araneta Center?


Joe Larano said...

I got your blog link from Sis. Precy Q. Facebook page. She's been our 'kumare' and a churchmate way back in Bahrain and even now, right here in Canada.

I found your Undertow blog articles very interesting and informative. I like the way you presented your facts and arguments in a satirical way yet with truthful substance in it. I've been an avid online PDI editorial and column reader since my younger years but will add your blog articles in my daily reading slot to satiate my thirst of reading articles that courageously exposed the Philippine social and political malaise of our time. More power to you.

On a personal note: Sis. Precy is sending her kind regards to you. Please reply to this comment as I will be happy to tell her that I read your blog and expecting a reply to my comment.

God bless,
Joe Larano

LCB said...

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your kind words. This is quite unusual for me since I mostly get angry readers who do not at all agree with my articles. And so I cherish this one from you. Precy and the kids occupy a very special place in my heart, and I know one day the good Lord will make things better for us all again.

I do make many friends with my writings however, I realize with that too comes many "foes."

As always, I learn best from those who disagree with me, but I am also greatly inspired by those who agree with me.

My best holiday greetings and love to Precy.

Our God is an awesome God!


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