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Allow me to start this blogpost by saying this: No, my blog is not for hire nor is it being utilized by any politician or politicians for a fee. It never was and never shall it be. I write from my heart, and do so with openness and a passion. And so, if I write about this individual, it is only because I believe in him, even if we have never spoken to each other. And that is more than enough for me.

I begin by saying that the snowballing criticisms against Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr.'s senatorial bid are said to be orchestrated by leaders of the so-called yellow crusaders and the Kamaganak Inc. who rallied behind Corazon Aquino when she first ran against Ferdinand Marcos.

The pro-Aquino people are horrified over speculations Bongbong will be a sure winner, that is why Aquino supporters have decided to map out a plan to try to prevent such a victory. Their main line now is to ask why Filipinos had forgotten the glory days of EDSA and their bitter fight against a dictatorship.

They have even gone to the silly deep end by warning that Bongbong was embarking on a political career that would bring the country back to the old Marcos years of one-man rule.

They are now having nightmares of Bongbong garnering more votes than their favorites in the senatorial race, a factor which will be interpreted to mean that Filipinos no longer put importance on the meaning of EDSA, or that they would rather forget the wasted, vindictive and uneventful years of the Aquino administration.

Bongbong's victory will prove better than Alessandra Mussolini's victory, a grand-daughter of the Italian dictator Benito (Il Duce) Mussolini, who won a seat in the Italian parliament some years ago. Her victory was analyzed as connoting that Italians had forgiven their Il Duce and may in fact be amenable to having him declared as an authentic Italian hero.

And many Filipinos still remember the disrespect by the Aquino regime for not allowing the late President Marcos a proper burial accorded to all former heads of state, and that Filipinos remember as well that President Aquino approved the burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani of a dog belonging to the k-9 team of the Presidential Security Group during her term of office.

Bongbong's victory is long overdue. The Philippine Senate has waited too long for the return of a Marcos to bring back to its halls its lost glory.

This post wasn't paid for by the Friends of Bongbong Marcos.

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jerms said...

Galing mo Leslie!!

Bongbong will rise because there is never putting down a good man. In the past Cory and her cohorts might have succeeded in black propaganda and blocked his candidacy, this time Bongbong will rise to lead this country.

Let Noynoy continue with his attack on the Marcoses - I welcome that because its going to be Noynoy's downfall. Magkasubukan na tayo ngayon kung sinong nagsasabi ng tutoo

As Leslie stated - NOT paid for by the Friends of Bongbong

Arthur said...

very nice straight from the heart article