Monday, August 31, 2009


Since the expose on gargantuan pork barrel outlays called Countrywide Development Funds (CDFs) and Congressional Initiative Alllocations (CIAs) wherein some legislators had been charged with receiving millions in commissions from contractors, the name of Congress with the public has become mud.

The public has become so incensed many will surely be calling for the abolition of Congress amid claims that anyway the country could operate without a legislative body. The country has enough laws to keep it going.

It has been said that the lawmakers were robbing the country blind with their mammoth pork barrel funds. Remember the time when no less than Senator Miriam Defensor - Santiago revealed that no sooner had she warned her seat at the Senate when contractors flocked to her, offering as much as 40 percent for projects under her CDF and CIA outlays? Perhaps we should really consider reducing the number of our representatives now lest they amass more beautiful homes in the U.S. From our present number of over 200 congressmen, we can do well with a lesser number of, say 78, which is the same number of governors in the country. If we can live with 78 governors, I see no reason why we can't live with 78 congressmen. And, the less congressmen we see breaking the law out in the streets each day of our lives, the better for us and for the whole nation as well. Less is best.

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