Thursday, July 16, 2009


What kind of an institution is this which cannot even provide decent toilets, school desks and chairs for our students in the public schools?

And to think that the education department has such a gargantuan budget from which corrupt and crooked officials, of which the DepEd is honeycombed with, had been dipping their dirty fingers leading to such monstrous rackets like the textbook scam, the overpriced school supplies and school equipment, and then the alleged PhP700 million noodles scam.

And how can anyone ever forget that statement from former (DECS) Secretary Andrew Gonzales when he said, "parents who cannot afford private schools should just send their kids to public schools." This is so obnoxious because it vilifies the public education system, and he being the very one who should rush to its defense and undertake measures to improve it. That statement takes its place among the other infamous statements uttered in the past which are now inscribed on a granite wall of shame. Statements such as:

"What are we in power for?"

"Millionaires don't steal."

"If you are raped, just relax and enjoy it."

"I am president, you are not."

"Some people are born smarter than others."

"I am not running for president in 2004."

"I am sorry."
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