Tuesday, January 13, 2009


DoJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez serves indeed at the pleasure of his god, President Gloria Arroyo, and both lack one thing in common: "Delicadeza."

This poem is for him:

The bigger the ego, the thicker the skin.
The grander the lie, the smoother the spin.
The more the disdain, the wider the grin.
There's only one goal, and that is to win.

The promises made, you never will keep.
The artful denial of prejudice deep.
The wondrous reforms that are not, but they're cheap.
The goal is the same, who cares if we weep?

When to serve all the people is to serve only one.
To serve justice is something you shun.
The cudgels of disgust have only begun.
Democracy's lost, self-interest has won.


Anonymous said...

Impressive rhymes. Indeed, a fitting epitaph for a brain dead justice minister.

I hope Mr Gonzalez gets to read it and realises that he can't go on living the way he does, dimwittedly and shamelessly.

LCB said...

Hello AdB! Thank you. I wonder, how much longer and further is he gonna get away with what he does best against the citizenry? I can't wait 'til he loses his mind and catapults himself to senility -or has he already a long time ago? Cheers!

Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

Leslie, dear sir, I believe we must,
gather our rhymes before they gather dust...
These callous beasts, who above us rule,
Go on with their thing as though we are fools,
Perhaps one day they'll stop playing deaf,
Hopefully then, we would still have a country left.

Cheers, bro!

LCB said...

Jasper my friend, 'tis not the end, tho our country suffers from those who rape its coffers. One thing i know, and it does show, that you are a poet, and don't they just know it!