Sunday, December 07, 2008

Therefore thus saith the Lord the God of Israel to the pastors that feed My people: "You have scattered My flock, and have driven them away, and have not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you for the evil of your doings," saith the Lord. - Jeremiah 23:2 (Douay-Rheims Bible)

Kaya't ganito ang sabi ng Panginoon, ng Dios ng Israel, laban sa mga pastor na nangagpastol ng Aking bayan. "Inyong pinangalat ang Aking kawan, at inyong iniligaw sila, at hindi ninyo sila dinalaw. Narito, dadalawin Ko sa inyo ang kasamaan ng inyong mga gawa," sabi ng Panginoon. - Heremias 23:2 (Ang Dating Biblia, 1905)

Kung 'di ka pa matauhan sa mensaheng 'yan, wala ka na talagang pag-asang magbago pa. I heard you're moving to a theatre nearby. Good for you, for a theatre is just the place one would be in to play a role. To act out a lie. To pretend while wearing an invisible mask. Perfect for you. Marami ka na naman malolokong tao. Ang saya-saya mo siguro. You must be so excited and tickled pink. Ingat ka, baka pagkamalan kang pink fence ng MMDA pag nakatayo ka sa EDSA. Well, at least that was the original purpose of a theatre in the olden days. Today, it's entirely different. But, the celluloid world still presents us with actors who act out roles obviously not their own, usually the exact opposite of their true character. Matutupad na rin ang pangarap mong maging isang artista, kasi isa ka namang tunay na artista. You're a natural. Why not play the role of a 'Drunken Pastor?' Sounds like a Kung-Fu movie - Drunken Master. You could be Bruce Lee's reincarnation and assume the Nom-de-Theatre 'Bruise Lie,' since you'll be performing in a theatre soon. People say I'm bitter with these posts. Siguro bisaya ang nagsabi nun. On the contrary, I'm better. I have true prosperity unlike your shallow financial and material prosperity. I know the truth, I speak the truth, and I expose the truth. As for you, you know the plan, you believe the plan, you speak the plan, but you don't live the plan. Natuklasan din ng langaw na ito that you were just too rotten to land on. For even a fly must have his own dignity in life. I wouldn't have seen it had I kept a blind eye wide open at your so-called ministry. Or shall I say, an open eye kept blind at your so-called ministry? And teachings you yourself could not even live out. You are like a pin, but without either its head or its point. Whatever. Of course I didn't forget your birthday recently. I bet you were drunk again, as usual. In fact, I wrote a special birthday greeting just for you, but I just realized I don't have your number any more so I just e-mailed it to Alcoholics Anonymous and Cheaters.Com, hoping that they would forward it to you, but just the same here goes: "Happy birthday to you! May Joy and Charity be with you today, your special day! ... May is 19, Joy is 18, and Charity 17. Oh, are they too old for you? Oh yeah, I know you like 16 year olds. One of your ever-loyal-blind-accomplice-associate pastors gave some information. Nadulas siya. Marami nang kumakanta. Pretty soon, a full choir will be singing about who you really are and who you really are not, but they're not going to be singing hymns. Neither will they be singing your favorite Hallelujahs. Instead, they'll be singing your dreaded Hala-lagot-kas. In the meantime, continue with your trainings. There's one born unto you every session. Funny how you now believe your very own lies. But you know what, you should congratulate yourself. As I write this, I'm looking at a copy of a report by a religious institution where it names some pastors and religious leaders in their watch list (past and present), and you should be proud because now you have made it in the company of Eli Soriano, Apollo Quiboloy and Father Tropa et al. Imagine, little old you in the company of big old them. I wonder, are you that snake coiled around Father Tropa's neck? There are times when sheep are better off without a shepherd. I'm speaking about one who pretends to love doing the work of shepherding. A bantay-salakay shepherd. That's why some sheep get wiser, especially if their shepherd betrays them. And most times, sheep would go far away to find a new shepherd. Remember, sheep are supposed to be dumb. But on some occasions, their IQs grow higher than their shepherd. I wonder, do you count your sheep whenever you can't sleep? I bet they don't reach a hundred, that's because they're beginning to wake up now from your hypnotic heresy, and are now starting their exodus. If counting sheep doesn't take you to slumber, try counting your empty beer bottles. I bet they're much more than a hundred. Better yet, reach right away for the bottles that still have beer in them. That would surely put you to sleep. And when you wake up the next morning, your sheep shall all be gone, and all you'll be is in the company of wolves like yourself.

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thinkingeyna said...

after the holidays, things will never be the same again for my friends and I will start distributing copies of your blog in Makati and Alabang Zapote.