Friday, November 28, 2008


FG Mike Arroyo wakes up one morning, looks out from the Malacanang Palace window and sees "MIKE ARROYO SUCKS" written in urine on a huge pile of sand. Furious, he calls the PSG and demands the perpetrators be found. Later that same day, several PSG guards return.

"Sir," says the first guard, "Na-analyze na po ng intelligence ang urine, at galing daw po kay VP De Castro." FG Mike goes purple with rage and shouts, "Que barbaridad! Is that all?!"

"Well, no sir," says the agent, "It's.. aah.. ma'am President's handwriting!"


Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

i don't know where you get stuff, bro... but damn, they're funny... hahahaha...

LCB said...

Under a dictatorial, tyrannical and kakistocratic govt, satire can always be like freshly baked pan de sal with kesong puti and barako coffee at 5am! ... or, the absence of it makes for a bowl of warm piss. We all have the power of choice. Cheers!