Sunday, November 09, 2008


Just outside Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince is a not-so-sleepy town of Petionville. Everyone was awakened eyes wide-open with the reality of death when just recently, a three-storey school-building there collapsed just like a house of cards without any warning, crushing some 700 people mostly school-children inside. As of last count, 84 kids have perished from this tragedy, and the culprit - poor engineering. With this sad news, one can't help but wonder about our school-buildings back here at home, and of the condition they must be in. Fact is, we always act too late everytime a tragedy occurs, by creating inutile task forces to investigate on something that could have been prevented in the first place. Be it a collapse of a building, a sinking of a ship, a plane crash or even a stampede of people, we always just act too late. Look at the poor state of many of our buildings in the university belt, not to mention the hole-in-the-wall dormitories and makeshift rooms for bed-spacers, catering mostly to our co-ed students. The existing building code is never given due importance and obeyance that all, and all it takes is just another tragedy of lethal proportions that's waiting to happen for our authorities to 'look into the matter' again, and then they end with the usual practice of finger-pointing. I've been to a few of these buildings and have often wondered why these edifices have not been condemed, adding to the fear is the fact that many of these buildings have fire exits that are either impassable or even padlocked. When will we ever learn? How many more lives must be snuffed-out before we really put our act together ? There must be a sensible and an aggressive common effort between government agencies concerned like the DPWH and the MMDA and the local government unit where the building is located, and of course the willingness of the building owner to conduct a regualr no-nonsense check on all the respective school-buildings. And while they're at it, might as well include all buildings for that matter, and especially the ones older than our grandparents. It would certainly be 'pogi points' for Bayani Fernando's presidential dream if he conducts a personal check on these buildings as MMDA chief, and then render an unbiased verdict on the state and condition of these stuctures. After all, if he claims to be an engineer, then he must be qualified to give his two-cents worth of an opinion. He should then act swiftly on erring building owners and slap them with the corresponding penalties and closure if necessary. Just an unsolicited advice to Mr. Fernando: Please do not instruct your MMDA men to put BAYANI stickers on the buildings after they have been inspected. Don't hard-sell yourself again. It's enough that we already have to see your face all over the metropolis on a daily basis. Act now to save lives, and be a real bayani for a change.

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Singing President? How are we going to believe in that kind of leader?

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