Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Can a man taketh fire in his bosom, and his cover not be burned?" - Proverbs 6:27

After reading the first part of this post, my friend sent me an e-mail to tell me that this was only the tip of the iceberg. He goes on to write that subject wolf continues to this day to recruit people into joining a new group he is forming somewhere in Mandaluyong City. This sounds perfectly alright except for the fact that these 'draftees' of his are members of the church he once was pastoring and used as his private playground. A sanctuary (as in a holy place of worship) where he changed its whole essence and purpose to now mean a wildlife sanctuary where he can go hunting, or shall I say poaching? Now that's a big no-no. By all means, he is perfectly free to go out fishing and hope and pray for a bountiful catch, or shall I say catch a 'big fish' as in a wealthy whale, a bejeweled bass, a moneyed maliputo, or literally a goldfish? But it is traditional taboo to go fishing right in your neighbor's very own fishpond especially if you don't have the required license to fish (or a license to solemnize a wedding?) You see, my friend added further that while this guy solemnizes weddings even without the needed license to do so, he is dead serious in 'un-solemnizing' his own by threatening to annul his own marriage. As fate would have it, in one of the meetings he was recently conducting, and during the question and answer portion of the same, one female attendee rose to ask, "Is annulment Godly?" Subject wolf was caught unprepared by the question and nervously uttered, "aah...uhm...well, let's ask our lawyer right here in the audience about that..." to which she continued to repeat her question by adding, "No, I'm not asking you if it's legal. I'm asking you if it's Godly." Bingo! Well, at the start of the day (or end of the day depending if he's having a hang-over), this fraudulent fisherman goes to his favorite fastfood joint to take advantage of a free internet connection to chat with his prey and then invites people to take a peek in his friendster account and join in. As I know it, persons over a certain age shouldn't be creating friendster accounts any longer, unless of course one has a dark purpose in doing so. Some kind soul should e-mail Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and tell her of the existence of a lone wolf on the prowl right here in Metro Manila thousands of miles away from her big state. You see, Governor Palin is a staunch supporter and advocate for the 'controlled population' of wolves in Alaska. She says that that state law which she signed as Governor permits certain individuals to pull out their Remington rifles and shoot those wild wolves dead on their tracks. The reason? To give way for the multiplication in number of Alaska's Caribou and Moose, a wolf's favorite 'to-go' meal. Back here at home, a wounded moose is still fair game to our local wolf, somewhat resembling that of an 'askal jackal.' For the deeper the wound, the easier the kill. Talk about responsible sportsmanship and wildlife conservation! My friend has also been hounded not by wolves, but by incessant suggestions to forgive now whoever has blood in his hands, or in this case, beer and lingerie in his hands. He says that's not a problem really, except for the fact that he finds it quite difficult to forgive someone who doesn't ask for forgiveness and instead puts on a cloak of arrogance, defiance and back-stabbing to all who have gone against his grain so to speak. It's quite hard to stop one's scheming self from sweet-talking and recruiting people into joining an organization, especially if that person's orientation and mindset is a simple money-making design in the business of networking, which is really where he rightfully belongs. ("With their words they showeth much love, but their hearts goeth after their own covetousness." - Ezekiel 33:31). Church leaders should not and should never be treated as "clients," as I was told he openly likes to treat them, even suggesting other church members to do the same. His favorite prey are the nouveau-riche and the parvenu types. I think he often or intentionally confuses a business firm from a church. Church leaders who submit themselves to the dark authority of a man like him will have to account for their actions or inactions to God in due time. To me, it really is no different from allowing a shepherd with a crooked staff to lead his trusting sheep into a waiting ravine. In the hoodwinking, networking world, you're just another client to retain with his 'talk.' Problem is, he doesn't walk the talk, and sooner than later, his audience walks out on him disgusted, disappointed and cheated. And if he continues committing his pet sins, they walk all over him, and then he reacts sour-grapingly, rejecting correction and disciplinary action befitting his behavior with disbelief in one hand, and a threat to sue on the other hand. You see, my friend says that it really is all up to him now. If he sweeps this under the rug again to join his clutter collection of old, it will catch up on him again someday. It will never be resolved until he decides to walk too - towards the light. But the sweetest sins are always committed in the dark, and that explains why everywhere he goes, his larger-than-life shadow follows him. Problem is, that same shadow is not caused by the faint presence of light in front of him, but by the overwhelming presence of darkness right behind him.

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